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Demarc Extension Services

Horizon Electronics provides demarc extensions (a routine service needed by many businesses) to get your company up and running online. If you need demarc extensions at one or multiple locations, Horizon Electronics can help make this a reality.

What is a Demarc Extension?

A demarc extension connects your network to a data line. The phone company or perhaps another vendor provided this data line. There is a point in the line where the vendor cuts off their circuit. This is known as the “demarcation point” (a.k.a. “demarc”). We are here to help you connect your organization’s network to the demarcation point. The demarc cabling must reach the wiring closet (data distribution system) so it can interface with the network.

We have built our reputation on performing demarc extensions in businesses great and small. From high-rise buildings to offices, from shopping malls to schools, let Horizon Electronics custom tailor your needs to help provide a simple extension for your full-service integration.


Simple Demarc Extensions

Horizon Electronics installs cable to connect the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE) or Telco Closet to the server/equipment room or directly to the Main Distribution Frame, typically using UTP Cat5e cables. Cabling is arranged with a neat presentation and is concealed whenever possible. Cable connections are tested and appropriately labeled. Horizon Electronics provides all of the mounting hardware. Once Horizon Electronics has completed the demarc extension, your IT department will be able to take over.

Horizontal and Backbone Distribution Systems

Horizon Electronics can install a distribution system for a network, as an added step. Larger networks often require a structured-cabling solution. Our technicians accomplish this by connecting the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) to Intermediate Data Fames (IDF) using 4-pair, 25-pair, 50-pair, 100-air, 200-pair, or fiber optic cable. Horizon electronics can design a horizontal distribution system, which connects the IDF to individual user workstations, or a backbone distribution system that uses multiple vertical distributions as would be needed in a long hallway or high-rise building.

Test and Turn Up Circuits

Horizon Electronics has broad experience working with telephone companies on the client-side ensuring new circuits are working properly. Upon purchasing a new dedicated-circuit T1 line, the third-party vendor will set a date for the circuit to go live. At that point, Horizon Electronics will send test signals to ensure the new circuit is functioning correctly.

Pre-Config Router Installation

There are times when a client may need the installation of a router configured to receive data from a certain source. Horizon Electronics can easily incorporate the installation of those routers with a demarc extension.

Demarc extensions, like all technical processes and technical jargon, can seem like a complex or overwhelming task. We can help with that. Horizon Electronics’ vast experience and expert technicians are dedicated to making this process as easy as possible. Please reach out to us at 727-845-4444 if you have any questions. Or you can request a quote below. We will be in touch within one business day.

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