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Horizon Electronics is a National IT Company that puts our customers first while specializing in Information Technology and Network Installation Services.

National IT Company means Nationwide Project Management

Our dedicated team of national telecom, wifi installation & IT specialists allow us to perform IT projects anywhere in the US or Canada. Plus, our proven project management and custom technology-based solutions makes Horizon Electronics a reliable partner.

Customer Service is Important to Us

Our dedication to outstanding customer service has given us the opportunity to partner with numerous clients across many industries, including Tire Kingdom, and many others. Find out how Horizon Electronics can help complete your technical projects.

Technology Solutions

Emergency Onsite IT service calls anywhere in the US within 4 hours. Standard break-fix within 72 hours.

Emergency Call - 24/7

+1 727-845-4444

Installation, repair and removal of all types of copper network and voice cabling. Including cable certification.


Installation, repair and removal of Fiber optic cabling. Including cable certification.

Installation and removal of all IT-related hardware. Troubleshooting of non-functioning computers, printers, phones, routers, switches, etc.


Installation, removal and troubleshooting of new and existing wireless networks.


Installation, removal and troubleshooting of new and existing overhead paging systems.

Let our trained Project Managers handle your new location built out, renovation or one-off service call.

About Us

We are a National IT Company Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

We spend every day trying to outdo ourselves and make our clients' lives easier. You won't find an answering service here. We answer live calls 8:30 am-5:30 pm Monday-Friday. After hours, all voicemails are forwarded to us personally so we can return the call within 30 minutes.

All emails are answered by one of our project managers within 30 minutes day or night.


Horizon Electronics' nationwide coverage of contractor services includes video, voice and data networks in environments ranging from industrial facilities, large/small businesses to universities. Our specialty is installing technology that simplifies the process.


Horizon Electronics is a leading provider of network installation and cabling services on large or small networks. We work with many types of low-voltage cables such as copper (Cat5e, Cat6), voice, coaxial, and fiber optic. Our nationwide coverage of professional installers can accomplish this anywhere in the US.


We understand a reliable Wi-Fi network in your office or campus is essential for education and doing business. Customers, employees, and students rely on having a solid signal in all areas of your facility. Horizon Electronics can help design, plan and install a robust network that will work great for you in all environments.


At Horizon Electronics we help you understand the variables, budget and time frame for the project. Horizon Electronics will help identify any potential issues with the installation or special tools needed for the project.


We understand moving to a new office and getting connected to your internet or voice services is essential. A demarc extension connects your crucial components to your service providers. Horizon Electronics can connect you to your existing telephone (POTS), T1, DSL or cable lines. We test and label every new line making sure your system can be identified and optimized for performance.


Optimizing your network is our main priority. Testing all the cables is essential in making sure they are working properly. If problems arrive, we then map your entire network to know exactly where each line is going. We use best practices cable in management assuring your cables are neat, organized, and labeled properly.

Horizon Electronics offers nationwide professional audio-visual installation services. We specialize in commercial and educational facilities. We also handle A/V equipment maintenance, system upgrades and troubleshooting.


We understand that broadcasting information is an essential way to communicate with your visitors and customers. Horizon Electronics can help you achieve that. Our professional installation process includes hardware setup, cabling, connecting devices, and verification.


Need to install a projector in your classroom or at your business locations? Horizon Electronics can install, set up, configure/align and focus the projector.


Let Horizon Electronics install your public address or paging system at your facility. We handle it all from setting up the hardware, speaker mounting, running/connecting the cables, microphones, or any other types of input devices.


Need your LCD or plasma TV set up, mounted and configured? Our TV mounting and installation service is a professional way to achieve that. Horizon Electronics can mount TVs, route the cables, configure hardware and assure everything is working correctly.


We specialize in audio and video installation such as a multi-room, public address, and surround sound audio is our specialty. Our installation team can install speakers, mount hardware, connect the cables, configure and test the hardware for proper operation.


SMARTBoard installations give you clear educational advantages. Our installers can install the document camera, interactive whiteboards, projectors, connect/route cables, align/focus projectors and fully test the system.


At Horizon Electronics we believe meetings should have clear and precise communication. Horizon Electronics can set up, connect and fully optimize video your conferencing with precision. We are here to make sure it works correctly.

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Horizon Electronics is your one source of contact for national telecom & IT specialists. Our network of professional installers are placed around the country to cover your technical needs. Horizon Electronics nationwide service spans the US. We are ready to deploy our technicians for any size project, anywhere in the country.


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